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by Bill Hunt

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Review by John Hardaker from WordsAboutSound:
"The almost seven minute ‘What you Choose’ has Hunt serenading the street-life in and around him, in an almost Van Morrison/James Joyce stream-of-consciousness linear rave. It captivates with pictures, some drawn by a child’s hand, some painted by a drunk Dylan, some harshly photographed by a journalist (all of which Hunt, the lyricist, is) – ‘There’s an old man walking up and down the street reading ‘Shop Closed’ window signs…/A dressing grown and a broken polystyrene cup in his hand/Sandals on his feet make him seem like Jesus to me/As he comes in closer I can see the yellow whites of his teeth…’"


released July 7, 2016

Words and music by Bill Hunt

Bill Hunt: guitars, vocals and harmony vocals
Alex Burkoy: violin
Ash Davies: drums
Grant Cummerford: bass guitar
Kris Schubert: Piano, Hammond organ

Produced by Matt Walker and Bill Hunt
Recorded at The Shack, Upwey, Victoria; engineer: Rowan Matthews.
Mixed by Matt Walker and Rowan Matthews at The Shack.

Additional recording at The Boat Shed, O'Connell NSW.

Mastered by Rick O'Neil at Turtlerock Mastering, Leichhardt


all rights reserved



Bill Hunt Sydney, Australia

Bill Hunt is a musician, songwriter and performer who lives in Sydney, Australia.

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Track Name: Everything is Going to Change
They said that your ok about everything, but they lied
I know that I’ll be taking my medicine
But I can’t swallow my pride

You say your taking a stand
But your just looking for someone to lean on
And I’d take your hand
But that’s a path that we’ve already been on

You say that we should be taking a holiday
Well I can’t deny I need one
I feel like I should be making a getaway
But there’s that price you pay for freedom

And you can’t understand
How you’re just dreaming and screaming your life away
And all of those plans you made
Just like the sand on the beach where you lay
You feel in in your hands as it’s slipping through your fingers

And you linger chasing maybe’s
Now it’s been so long
And your still trying to play me
Just like an old song that goes running through my head
And it ends up in your bed... again

You say that I’ve forsaken you
And your life is making you crazy
I’ve walked the maze of your veiled insinuations
And I know you want to blame me

But lately when I see you
I swear it’s true it’s lie I’m looking through a heat-haze
Like you’re fading away right in front of me
And I’m left to face the possibility
That everything is going to change
Track Name: You'll Understand
One day you’ll understand what I’ve done
I’ll leave it in your hands and you’ll come to see, the part of me
That didn’t want to hurt you at all

You’re feeling sad and lonely that’s all
‘cause you haven’t got a friend you can call
I was the last in a long line
You’ve taken up all of my time, now those days of wine...
and roses are gone

You’ll have some time to think when I’m gone
You’ll see there was no pleasing me
When you offered all or nothing
I went and made the assumption
That everything then was...
as good as it was going to be

But I’m not here
To help you recover what you think you might have lost
And I’m not here
To help you estimate what you think it might have cost you
And you don’t have to buy my explanation
But you can’t build your dreams on your unfounded expectations
Or you’ll end up losing everything

Now the leaves have all fallen
And all-in-all I’m ready to be anywhere but here
Our fate has been decided
You don’t care so I don’t mind my dear
The truth is I’ve got another call to make, and I don’t want to be late
So I guess I’ll see you, sometime
I guess I’ll see you...
Track Name: Sea of Love
Time, and the distance between your heart and mine
Is weighing on my mind
Like your head on the pillow where you lie

And your eyes
All soft-focussed, moonlit and heavy-lidded
Lips all sticky bittersweet like everything a man like me has ever been forbidden

Bring on hell and high-water
Pay no heed to the angels weeping up above
Your body is a sea of love
Your body is a sea of love

Yeah, well I feel like I’m Jonah stuck inside a whale
I’ve been sailing ‘round the world but I still ain’t seen nothing
Meanwhile there’s blind men and ragamuffins running ‘round outside telling tales

You gave me your love, but I didn’t promise anything
You took my heart and now it’s bound up like a ball of string, and I’m wondering if I should be rattling my tin
This is starting to seem for all the world just like a three-ring circus to me

Well you set my soul on fire
And leave me like a wounded dove
But your heart is like a sea of love
Your heart is like a sea of love

In the cold light of day you say you think you passion’s played out
I know that you’re afraid, yeah there’ll be hell to pay
But right now I ain’t of a mind to give this up and let it fade

You’re just like Joan of Arc, your deception is immaculate
You blame it on your sacred heart but you can’t deny the fact that you meant everything you said to me
When you were lying next to me

And every time you set me free love
All you wanted was to see love
Now you know just what my heart meant
When I said there’s no such thing as accidents
Track Name: Odalik
It’s easy to believe that you’re ok
When you’re encouraged by a feeling of exploding space behind your eyes
And just like a moth can’t tell the moon from a flame
The devils inside you brain are so keen to proclaim your second-sight

Ah, but those dreams that fill your day
Still keep you lying wide awake at night and terrified
Wide awake and terrified

I feel like I’m digging a hole
Like I’m digging a hole
I feel like I’m digging a hole
Just like I’m digging a hole

You greet another dawn in a daze
The cold grey light pervaded by a sense of isolation, just like and angel with a suitcase
You fumble in your mind for the key to a door, you don’t even know it exists anymore
You stumble and you find as your face hits the floor you’re thinking;
“Oh, no, you know I really should have took the time to try to paint this”

Because the dreams that fill your day
Still keep you lying wide awake at night and terrified
Wide awake and terrified

I feel like I’m digging a hole
Like I’m digging a hole
I feel like I’m digging a hole
Just like I’m digging a hole

I feel like I’m digging a hole just to find me
A place where I can be alone and leave behind me
All those things that once defined me
Ah, but you always knew where to find me
You always knew where to find me...
Track Name: What You Choose
You better put out the light and close the window, I’ll go put something on
The 3am bell chimes, and from the next door room I can hear your baby cry
If I don’t waste any time I can make it down for the last round
And walk that child to the dawn

And there’s nothing going on, at east that I ain’t already told you
It’s just the restless tide of the street night life below
and the breathless sigh of a ghost from another time
playing on my mind

Sometimes I get caught up in my own thoughts, and lose the conversation’s flow
Like do you remember last December when you told me you were leaving
Well I didn’t know why, so I thought I ought to try and ask you
But you just sighed without revealing your thinking

I got upset and said I really didn’t like the design that you’d drawn
On the label of the bottle of wine that you bought and we’d been drinking
Later when I apologised, and blamed it on the codeine you smiled and said more likely mescaline
I said why don’t we do it all again?

Soon, can’t always make it on time
When my feet fill my walking shoes, the passing hours pay me no mind
And sometimes a tiny shiver can remind me, of the dark and lonely path my heart’s defined
All I ask is to feel you light beside me, as I leave that life behind

And Amelita, she thinks she’s flying at least that’s what she told me with her eyes
As we walk along with the forlorn and weary on the golden mile, in the colours of the sunrise

There’s and old man walking up and down the street reading “Shop Closed” window signs
Seems to me if he’s got a bed to sleep in it hasn’t seen clean sheets for a while
A dressing gown and a broken polystyrene cup in his hand
Sandals on his feet make him seem like Jesus to me

As he comes in closer I can see, the yellow-whites of his teeth as he asks me, please?
Please can he see the child, and before he takes his leave and walks on by he says, “You know she’s got your eyes.”

Well don’t that go to show you, it ain’t always what you choose
But it might be what you need
It ain’t always what you choose
Track Name: Song 55
Some have a mad desire to succeed
Me I find it hard enough sometimes just to remember to clothe and feed myself
Sometimes, a bird outside my window sings, so fine
And I’d give anything to trade this bitter wine of life for wings
And fly, and fly

Presence of mind
Presence of mind
When everything’s so new to me
Your light comes shining through to me

There’s a place in my mind where I keep
All of the precious times, and sometimes just before I go to sleep I like to hit rewind
Sometimes I see you and me, so fine
And just for a moment all those slings and arrows don’t seem to mean a thing
They don’t mean a thing tonight

Presence of mind
Presence of mind
When everything seems so new to me
Your light comes shining through to me

When the passage of time is complete
There’ll be no more planets misaligned or fate to blame for my unfortunate designs
Don’t cry for me
Just pull up a seat beside me, I’ll say something stupid like I’ll see you on the other side then close my eyes and smile
And fly

Presence of mind
Presence of mind
When everything seems so new to me
Your light comes shining through to me

Some have a mad desire, to be free...